15th to 17th July 2013 – XXXII UPV/EHU First DEVOTES Summer School in San Sebastian (Spain)

Genomic tools in marine ecosystem monitoring, status assessment and  management, within European marine policy legislation and governance

This is the 10th AZTI’s Marine Research Division Summer School.  As in previous years, we want that attendees can acquire new knowledge on recent trends in marine research, related to management of our oceans. In  this way, the increasing interest in marine ecosystem protection and sustainable use of oceans has developed in national ocean policies (e.g. U.S. National Ocean Policy and Australia’s Ocean Policy), legislation (e.g. Canada Oceans Act) and regional ocean governance strategies (e.g. the Marine Strategy Framework Directive or the Common Fisheries Policy, in Europe) focusing on integrative tools for marine resources management and assessing environmental status. Genomic technologies come up as an efficient and standardizable alternative to traditional monitoring and analytical methods, providing more comprehensive results or allowing addressing questions that were not possible to address before.

This Summer School will explore the potential and recent advances in the use of genomic technologies, such as metagenomics, population genomics or transcriptomics in different monitoring and assessment networks and research projects, such as the European FP7 project “DEVOTES” (Development of innovative tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good environmental status), in which most of the teachers of this Summer School are involved.

Hence, the objectives of the school are to give an overview on the genomic application to ocean and coastal management, assessment and monitoring, supporting informed ocean governance for resilience and sustainability in a changing world.

Venue: Aquarium of San Sebastián (Spain)
Fees: 80 euros
Registration dates: from 22nd March to 15th July. Click here to download the registration form

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