WP6 – Integrative assessment of biodiversity

The overall objective is to take information from and build on all previous WP to develop and validate a toolbox which integrates biodiversity assessments at various scales, from local to sub-regional, culminating in a mechanism for regional-scale characterization. This toolbox will allow determining whether good environmental status (GES) for biodiversity is achieved within each of the Regional Seas, through the case-studies proposed.

Specific objectives:

1) Development of a toolbox for integrated assessment of biodiversity status. To develop a generic and flexible toolbox for assessing biodiversity and recommending GES criteria, to allow assessment of whether GES has been achieved at the various scales, culminating at the Regional Sea level.

2) Testing integrated biodiversity assessments at pilot areas. The biodiversity assessment tool will be tested on 8 selected pilot areas, in parallel with the development of the generic assessment framework.

3) Synthesis of biodiversity assessment and input to Adaptive Management. The aim is to assess the applicability of the developed biodiversity assessment tool on a broader scale by evaluating if the pilot areas are classified according to an expected gradient of human activity and pressure, given the sensitivity of the pilot areas.

Main output: A validated tool for integrated assessment of biodiversity status and the uncertainties related to this assessment, for consistent and comparative assessment of GES across regional seas.

This work package is co-led by
Jacob Carstensen (AU) and Sabine Cochrane (APN)