WP2 – Socio-economic implications for achieving GES

The overarching objective is to determine the socio-economic implications of maintaining or changing monitoring and management practices, indicated in WP1, aimed at achieving and maintaining GES. The aim is to support development of cost-effective monitoring systems and cost-effective adaptive management strategies and measures. This will be achieved through:

– Identification of cost-effective MSFD indicator monitoring and assessment systems relevant to each regional sea;

– Identification and assessment of the economic consequences of relevant management measures aimed at achieving and maintaining GES;

– Exploration of the implications of these management measures for marine ecosystem services;

– Identification of the barriers (socio-economic and legislative) that prevent GES from being achieved

Main outputs: i) understanding of the costs and benefits of monitoring and management to implement MSFD indicator monitoring and achieve or maintain GES; iii) increased knowledge to overcome barriers to implementation within management strategies.

This work package is led by Melanie Austen (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)