The DG-MARE ADRIPLAN project on cross-border MSP in the Adriatic-Ionian Seas

by M. Maniopoulou
AdriplanlogoADRIPLAN aims at defining proposals and recommendations for Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Adriatic-Ionian Region (AIR) and in two Focus Areas namely the Northern Adriatic Sea (Focus Area 1) and the Southern Adriatic – Northern Ionian Sea (Focus Area 2) using an Ecosystem-Based Approach (EBA), as defined in the MSP Directive (2014/89/EU).

adriplanmap The main aim of MSP, and thus of the ADRIPLAN project, is to analyze and allocate the spatial and temporal distribution of human activities in order to achieve ecological, economic, and social objectives, reducing current and potential conflicts between uses and with the environment and enhancing synergies of sectors on an international/cross-border basis.
According to the Blue Growth strategy (COM(2012)494) the future economic development of European countries should maximize the sustainable use of marine environments and their services , and hence it was considered crucial to take into account all the connections between natural and anthropogenic factors considering perspectives of all key stakeholders both at national and transnational level.

Following an operative methodology key activities – steps have been defined to construct a marine spatial plan for the AIR as well as for the Northern and Southern part of the basin which will be finalized in June 2015.These activities include:
1. Assessment of the existing conditions and dynamics of the study area
2. Identification of spatial boundaries
3. Formulation of priorities and objectives for MSP: strategic objectives and priorities established through the involvement of relevant stakeholders
4. Analysis of existing and future conditions
5. Elaboration of planning options
6. Finalization of the Planning Proposal for the study areas
7. Monitoring and evaluation of the planning process.

adriplan1 adriplan4

So far ADRIPLAN has concluded the first four steps. Moreover, three stakeholders’ workshops have been organized in Rijeka (Croatia), in Corfu (Greece) and in Trieste (Italy). The ADRIPLAN agenda foresees the organization of two more workshops in order to discuss the Elaboration of the planning options ( step 5) in Piran (Slovenia) and Lecce (Italy) in March 2015. A final conference, where the planning proposal for the study areas (step 6) will be presented, tackling also issues related to monitoring and evaluation of the planning process (step 7), will take place in Venice (Italy) in June 2015.

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