Susanna Jernberg

What is the aim of your MSc Research? The aim of my thesis is to examine the ability of a zooplankton community to reflect the environmental status of a food-web in the Baltic Sea. I have examined the possibility to use zooplankton mean size and total abundance as an indicator.
What is the most appealing part of your MSc? It is motivating that I have been able to contribute to developing better indicators for the status assessment of the Baltic Sea. Indicators are an important part of marine management and protection.
How will your thesis contribute to DEVOTES project? My thesis is part of WP3 – indicator testing and development. I have tested couple of zooplankton related indicators and reported the results of my analysis.
What do you consider your most important accomplishment here so far?  I think my biggest accomplishment here is that I have been able to take part in an international research project. I have learned much about conducting research and analyzing large datasets. I have also learned about the zooplankton community dynamics in the Baltic Sea.
What has been your most exciting experience in the project so far?  It has been great to be able to work in an international project and see the co-operation between the countries. SYKE has been an inspiring working environment with interesting people and research projects.
What other important information about yourself would you like us to know? I hope I can continue to work with research after I have graduated. I am also open for interesting PhD opportunities and possibilities to work abroad. I am passionate about protecting the amazing wildlife in our oceans and my future work will definitely contribute to this mission.