Submit your paper to the DEVOTES Special Issue in Frontiers!

DEVOTES, in collaboration with Frontiers in Marine Science, section Marine Ecosystem Ecology, is organizing a Research Topic titled “Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Science in Assessing the Health Status of Marine Ecosystems”, hosted by Angel Borja, Michael Elliott, Maria C. Uyarra, Jacob Carstensen and Marianna Mea. As host editors, we would like to encourage all researchers involved in MSFD to contribute to this topic.
The primary focus of this Research Topic is the science required for implementing the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), and its aim of achieving good environmental status in all European seas by 2020. Manuscripts addressing the requirements of the MSFD, in terms of developing indicators, modeling and methods to assess environmental status in the European regional seas are especially welcome, although manuscripts dealing with similar approaches in other seas are also very welcome, since they allow comparing and discussing the progress in this field in recent years from a broader perspective.

15 March 2016: submission of abstract
15 June 2016: submission of manuscript

More information can be found here