Software and tools


The NEAT (Nested Environmental state Assessment Tool) software is a biodiversity assessment tool used for assessing the environmental status of marine areas according to the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

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DEVOTES Applications

With the app DevoMAP, the user can select a specific site and get information about it using the maps: such as what available data (form physical properties of ecosystems to communities) there are, how many and which type of habitats, lists of indicators and links to relevant publications and reports.

With the app MY-GES the user can select a specific site and then he/she can follow a structured path to make a simple assessment of the environmental status of the site. The assessment will be conducted through a series of questions (elaborated according to the data/maps available for each site). The answer will correspond to “what science knows about each site”.

The promotional app DEVOTES aims at providing knowledge of final products and outcomes of DEVOTES among the wide stakeholder community.


The DEVOTES Catalogue of indicators and the associated Query tool has been published here.
The catalogue contains marine biodiversity related indicators that interested end-users can consider for setting or updating marine environmental assessment and monitoring programs.

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Marine regions and subregions shapefiles

These  shapefiles have been developed to define the Marine Regions and Subregions in which DEVOTES is working. You are welcome to use them for your own analysis but please be aware that they are NOT official shapefiles, they are internal tools. Furthermore, please acknowledge DEVOTES in case of public use of these shapefiles by including this sentence: “The shapefiles used in this study have been developed by DEVOTES project, funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme, ‘The Ocean of Tomorrow’ Theme (grant agreement no. 308392),

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