Prabath Jayasinghe

What is the aim of your PhD Research? The aim of my PhD is to explore the relationships among different quality descriptors assessing good environment status of the European seas.
What is the most appealing part of your PhD? Conservation and management of marine biological diversity is my main concern. As marine biodiversity is affected by various natural and anthropogenic activities, marine management plans should address these issues. By working on the relationships between biodiversity and other descriptors, I am contributing to protect marine biodiversity.
How will your thesis contribute to DEVOTES project? I will mainly contribute to WP1 with conceptual models of inter-relationships of the descriptors of GES (eutrophication- biodiversity and commercial species) in the European regional seas.  
What do you consider your most important accomplishment here so far?  Presently, I am dealing with my first article to discover the relationships between eutrophication and biodiversity. It is amazing to see how eutrophication affects various groups of animals and plants in the seas.
What has been your most exciting experience in the project so far?  To be with an international crowd is most appealing to me. Various ideas, numerous concepts and fruitful arguments helped me to think about a wide range. In addition, international projects, different universities, various cultures and multi-languages made me very happy. 
What other important information about yourself would you like us to know? I am a Researcher in Marine Biology working towards a PhD with an Erasmus Mundus fellowship for MACOMA (Marine and Coastal Management). I have a wish to contribute to conserve marine biodiversity in Europe. Definitely, I will bring back the knowledge and experienced gain here to manage seas around Sri Lanka. I am married and blessed with a daughter who is missing her father.