Plymouth Marine Laboratory

PML_colour_logo Plymouth Marine Laboratory ( is an independent, impartial provider of scientific research and contract services relating to the marine environment.

As a truly interdisciplinary marine science centre, PML is increasing understanding of how marine ecosystems function, how the ocean contributes to a thriving society and how this vital resource can be protected for future generations. Specifically its research focuses on the interactions between the marine environment and society in estuarine, coastal and shelf waters, as well as the upper layers of the global ocean.

PML’s research is highly innovative, relevant and applicable, feeding into national and international marine and coastal programmes in anticipation of societal needs. Recognised internationally for delivering world-class science, PML’s capabilities include data collection and analysis, field and laboratory experiments, environmental impact assessments, satellite observation, ecosystem modelling, method and tool development, socio-economic evaluation, programme co-ordination, policy advice and capacity building.

PML’s long term objective is the sustainability of the marine ecosystem as climate regulator; a source of food, water, renewable energy, and livelihoods; and as a contributor to human health and prosperous human societies.

Keywords Data collection and analysis, Field and laboratory experiments, Environment impact assessments, Satellite observation, Ecosystem modelling, Method and tool development, Socio-economic evaluation, Programme co-ordination, Policy advice, Capacity building
Address Prospect Place, The Hoe, Plymouth PL1 3DH United Kingdom