CLOSED: PhD position at IMBE


PhD fellowship at IMBE “Understanding ecological functioning of coralligenous habitats, and building new indicators based on genetic tools to assess their GES (good environmental status)”

We seek a highly motivated and ranked PhD student to study the biodiversity of coralligenous habitats, at both the community and intraspecific levels, from data that will be mostly obtained using genetic tools including Next-Generation Sequencing, and analyzed taking into account ecological factors and marine currents (at both the local and Mediterranean scales).
The “implicated goal” is to gain knowledge on these habitats, which provide important services and are very species rich, in order to propose new, efficient and cost-effective indicators of their ecological status, based on intra-specific and/or inter-specific diversity (to be tested).
The scientific interest relies in comparing diversity at the community level, assessed by metabarcoding and compared with traditional taxonomical methods, and diversity at the intraspecific level (population genetics or genomics), providing ways of testing hypotheses such as the neutral biodiversity one, for instance.
The team working on this topic, financed by two European projects is locally composed of a post-doctoral fellow (2 years starting in autumn 2014), a PhD student on coralligenous Socio-ecosystem (starting autumn 2014) and an engineer to help with meta-barcoding (to be hired before the end of 2014) for about 18 months, a last-year PhD student (diving, ecology, indicators), and several permanent researchers plus the diving team.

More information about the project can be found here.

For additional information about the  position please contact Anne Chenuil: anne.chenuil(at)