Netherlands Institute of Sea Research

NIOZ-logo NIOZ ( is an independent non-profit research foundation, financed by NWO, the Dutch national science fund.

It is a multidisciplinary oceanographic institute, comprising physics, geology, microbiology, biogeochemistry and ecology.

NIOZ has two centres, one in Texel and one in Yerseke. The latter centre joined the institute recently (1/1/2012). It belonged to the Netherlands Institute of Ecology before. NIOZ has a strong tradition in coastal and oceanic research, and especially in multidisciplinary projects. It was recently evaluated as an excellent research institute of international leading status. The institute has been involved as a coordinator and participant in many European projects. It was the co-ordinator of MARBEF, a large European network focusing on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

Address Landsdiep 4 1797 SZ ‘t Horntje Texel, Netherland