New paper by DEVOTES colleagues in IndiSeas

IndiSeas (“Indicators for the Seas”) is a collaborative international working group that was established in 2005 to evaluate the status of exploited marine ecosystems using a suite of indicators in a comparative framework. An initial shortlist of seven ecological indicators was selected to quantify the effects of fishing on the broader ecosystem using several criteria (i.e., ecological meaning, sensitivity to fishing, data availability, management objectives and public awareness).

In line with the Nagoya Strategic Plan of the Convention on Biological Diversity (2011–2020), the authors of this paper extended this suite to emphasize the broader biodiversity and conservation risks in exploited marine ecosystems. They selected a subset of indicators from a list of empirically based candidate biodiversity indicators initially established based on ecological significance to complement the original IndiSeas indicators.

Existing developments in ecosystem-based fisheries management have largely focused on exploited species. The study, using mostly fisheries independent survey-based indicators, highlights that biodiversity and conservation-based indicators are complementary to ecological indicators of fishing pressure. Thus, they should be used to provide additional information to evaluate the overall impact of fishing on exploited marine ecosystems.

The paper is available for consultation and download here (the link it is valid until November, 14th. From November 15th, the paper will be available in zenodo).

Coll M., L.J. Shannon, K.M. Kleisner, M.J. Juan-Jordá, A. Bundy, A.G. Akoglu, D. Banaru, J.L. Boldt, M.F. Borges, A. Cook, I. Diallo, C. Fu, C. Fox, D. Gascuel, L.J. Gurney, T. Hattab, J.J. Heymans, D. Jouffre, B.R. Knight, S. Kucukavsar, S.I. Large, C. Lynam, A. Machias, K.N. Marshall, H. Masski, H. Ojaveer, C. Piroddi, J. Tam, D. Thiao, M. Thiaw, M.A. Torres, M. Travers-Trolet, K. Tsagarakis, I. Tuck, G.I. van der Meeren, D. Yemane, S.G. Zador, Y.-J. Shin. 2016. Ecological indicators to capture the effects of fishing on biodiversity and conservation status of marine ecosystems. Ecological Indicators, 60: 947-962.