NEAT software now available

NEAT-screenshot-collageNEAT is an acronym for „Nested Environmental status Assessment Tool” and the software is an implementation of NEAT as a biodiversity assessment tool used for assessing the environmental status of marine areas according to the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

This software aims to make a solid assessment, not only restricted to biodiversity (although named as such in the software) but usable for any MSFD descriptor.

The NEAT software aims to represent a flexible and user-friendly desktop application implementing the assessment tool developed in work package WP 6 of DEVOTES (Integrative assessment of biodiversity) and represents a central access point to the data collected during the project.

The Deliverable D6.3 gives an overview of the principles applied in NEAT, explains the usage of the software and gives advice on how to best utilize.

More information on NEAT can be found here.