NEAT new version released!

We are glad to announce that the new version of NEAT (1.2) has been released today!

NEAT version 1.2 released with new functionality and even better stability, and an enhanced manual

  • New: software tested under Windows 10 and running fine
  • New: assessment aggregation to higher-level SAUs (this is now the default, while in version 1.1 the (invisible) default was no aggregation)
  • New: display NEAT values aggregated to habitats (in version 1.1 only aggregation to ecosystem components was possible)
  • New: it is now possible to do sensitivity analyses of the results of an assessment (see section 5.5 in this manual)
  • New: interface for the deployment of separate Add-ons providing specific functionality
  • Updates: Many bug fixes and improved stability

Important note: Due to an error in NEAT version 1.1, the version 1.2 is not available via online update (if you have NEAT version 1.1 installed already). This is also stated in the corresponding window when trying to update from within the software. You will need to download the version 1.2 directly from this web page and install it using the instructions in the manual (basically copying the executable file to your computer and starting it). This new complete version 1.2 will automatically install over your previous version 1.1, keeping all your data, but updating the software to version 1.2. This will also ensure that online update is working properly when version 1.3 arrives.

Click here to access the page of the software and manual download.