Coastal research and Planning Institute, Klaipeda University

KU_logo KUCORPI is a research and education division at Klaipeda University (

The main theme of scientific activity is “Interdisciplinary research for sustainable management of marine and coastal environment”. Since its foundation in 1998, KUCORPI has been involved in more than 40 EU funded research and R&D projects.

Presently, the institute employs ca. 60 researchers, technical personnel and PhD students working in the fields of biological invasion study, ecological informatics and modeling, plankton ecology and trophodynamics, geology, geomorphology and biogeochemisty, benthic habitat ecology, marine spatial planning, environmental impact assessment. KUCORPI conducts PhD studies in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Scientists are involved in teaching and supervising student works at various departments of Klaipeda University, engaging students to join marine and coastal research programs. The institute is involved in the EU Erasmus programs at MSc (EMBC) and PhD (MARES) levels.

Keywords Bioinvasion impacts assessment, Ecoinformatics, Ecological modeling, Benthic habitat ecology
Address H. Manto 84, LT 92294 Klaipeda, Lithuania