Key Barriers of Achieving Good Environmental Status (GES)

Deliverable DEVOTES 2_2Key_barriers

Extract of the summary table of barriers to achieving GES as discussed in the published literature cited in the Del 2.2

DEVOTES Team is glad to announce the release of the Deliverable 2.2, reporting on the key barriers to achieving Good Environmental Status (GES).

Despite a common obligation to implement the MSFD, there are numerous potential conflicting objectives between government departments within and between Member States sharing a regional sea. The legal status and tight time-lines associated with the directive place an immense burden on scientists and on decision makers to put in practice a multidisciplinary approach, and will test the abilities of existing institutions to collaborate on delivering multi-sectoral objectives.Part A of the D2.2. comprises a comprehensive review of the documented concerns related to the legislative, policy and regulatory barriers to achieving GES.

Part B of this document reports on DEVOTES WP2 on social-economic implications for achieving GES, Task 2.3.2 Systematic modelling approach to understanding and achieving GES. The purpose of the Task was to develop a systemic approach to further our understanding and, thereby, contribute to the achievement of GES under the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Attempts at being systematic compel us to consider the various stakeholder knowledge and value claims, and be critical about defining boundaries of engagement. The systemic approach was built on the integration of two complementary modelling approaches: DPSIR (Drivers – Pressures – State Changes – Impacts – Responses) framework and the Causal Loop Diagram (CLD) process.

Sue Boyes (UHULL), Arantza Murillas-Maza (AZTI-Tecnalia), Maria C. Uyarra (AZTI-Tecnalia), Husnu Eronat (DEU), Kemal C. Bizsel (DEU), Gokhan Kaboglu (DEU), Nadia Papadopoulou (HCMR), Nicolas Hoepffner (JRC), Joana Patrício (JRC), Olga Kryvenko (MHI NASU), Tanya Churilova (MHI NASU), Alice Newton (NILU), Soile Oinonen (SKYE), Jonathan P. Atkins (UHULL) & Amanda J. Gregory (UHULL)
Deliverable 2.2 “Key Barriers of Achieving Good Environmental Status (GES)