Institute of Marine Research

IMAR The Institute of Marine Research – IMAR was created in 1991, as a non-profit private organisation.Its founder members are the majority of universities in Portugal which undertake research in Marine Science and Technology. The general objective of IMAR is the development of Marine Science and Technology in Portugal, through integration of different disciplines and promotion of scientific cooperation.

We aim to contribute to the scientific basis of policy support, to establish and promote key areas of scientific research on a multi-year scale, and to empower the Portuguese marine sciences community, making it competitive on a european and international level.

IMAR brings together an important part of the Portuguese national research effort in Marine Science and Technology, with specialists in physics, chemistry, biology, geology, different areas of engineering and technology, and modelling. Due to its make-up, IMAR is in a privileged position to execute interdisciplinary projects and research.
IMAR-CMA ( the institution within IMAR envolved in the DEVOTES project.
IMAR-CMA is a research unit from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, counting with more than 100 researches devided by the following research areas (I) Wetlands, Transitional Waters and Coastal Marine Ecosystems; (II) Freshwater Ecosystems and Catchment Areas; (III) Sedimentary Systems, Hydrodynamics and Global changes; (IV) Ecotoxicology and Environmental Risk Assessment; (V) Hydraulics Water Resources and Environment and (VI) Ecological Modelling. The main ain of this unit is to develop fundamental and applied research on marine and environmental sciences, with strong focus on coastal ecosystems and river catchment areas. Research carried out complies simultaneously with the pursuit for international excellence standards and the need of providing scientific and technical answers to solicitations from public and private entities regarding: a) environmental quality evaluation and management; b) optimised use of water resources, and c) development of biological conservation strategies. Results aim at contributing to a more efficient Portuguese national response in these areas.

Keywords Marine Ecology, Hydrodinamics, Environmental Quality assessment, Ecological Indicators, Ecosystem services
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