ICES Workshop held in Copenaghen

Workshop on providing a method to aggregate species within species groups for the assessment of GES for MSFD D1 (WKD1Agg)
Biscay Room, ICES H.Q. Copenhagen, Denmark
10:00 29th February to 16:00 2nd March
Chair: Anna Rindorf, Denmark

In response to a special request from DG ENV, ICES will be providing guidance on a number of topics relevant to the operational implementation of the MSFD.

The ICES WKD1Agg workshop with scientists and regional seas representatives was looking at the most appropriate methods to aggregate species within species groups for the MSFD assessment of GES for the biodiversity descriptor D1.

Three DEVOTES scientists were invited among the expert group and the DEVOTES NEAT tool was also presented.

The Agenda of the Workshop is available here.

DEVOTES researchers participating to the workshop: Chris Lynam (CEFAS), Nadia Papadopoulou (HCMR) and Laura Uusitalo (SYKE).

Some of the participants (clockwise): Laura Uusitalo (SYKE), Simon Greenstreet (DEVOTES Advisory Board), Mark Dickey-Collas (Ecosystem Approach Coordinator, ICES), Ana Rindorf (DTU Aqua, chair), Ian Mitchell (JNCC).