Engineer fellowship at IMBE


      Engineer – Ingénieur – IMBE (9 Months)


The fellowship is financed by a FP7 European program (DEVOTES: Development of innovative tools for monitoring and assessing the good environmental status of the marine environment).

For the European DEVOTES program, 9 ARMS boxes and 9 ASUs devices were installed in the benthos off the Marseilles coasts (a well as in several places in Europe). Such devices are standardized systems allowing the comparison of biological colonization (more generally of biodiversity) among localities and among basins. They were installed from the Polar circle to the Eastern Mediterranean in Europe, for the DEVOTES program. These boxes will be disassembled during the autumn 2014 (after one year), following a common protocol everywhere. Biodiversity will be assessed using metabarcoding for a variety of biological phyla. In addition, coralligenous environmental sampling will be done in several ecological profiles for each locality (by scraping the substratum and all the biological community on it), and also studied using metabarcoding (CIGESMED project).

The Engineer is expected to participate in barcoding lab work. A solid experience in PCR or in meta-barcoding (preferentially in non-model or multicellular taxa) is required. Data analyses will involve both inter-specific diversity and intra-specific diversity comparisons with ecological variables.

Deadline: 1st June 2014

For additional information about the position, please contact Anne Chenuil: anne.chenuil(at)

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