DEVOTool – the next steps

by T. Berg
APP-DEVOToolIn January 2014, the DEVOTool was released in order to give interested people access to the WP3 indicator catalogue and allow to browse, search and analyze the metadata recorded by the DEVOTES partners. Now, a year after release, the software has been downloaded more than 100 times and the corresponding web page is visited between 50 and 100 times per month. Therefore, it is time to take the next steps for the software and make it even more useful.


We are planning to incorporate more databases. Besides the indicator catalogue, DEVOTES has produced catalogues of modeling indicators, monitoring networks, keystone species and more. We are looking into the options on how to get these databases into DEVOTool during 2015. While the current user interface is a good start, there is certainly room for improvement. E.g., the distinction between the „Indicators“ pane and the „Metadata“ pane is somewhat artificial. All information in those two panes represent metadata and we want to merge the two panes, leading to a more logical and intuitive view on the data. While you can easily search and find indicators by name and other metadata, there are still often so many indicators returned making it difficult to see what you are looking for. Currently, we are trying to find a good scheme to group indicators by categories. This involves grouping by algorithm, variable type, or theme of the indicators. All these changes are helpful when taking DEVOTool to the next level, integrating all the available information in the databases with the upcoming biodiversity assessment tool being developed within WP6.

At the end of the project, we want to have a single integrated application useful to many levels of work within the MSFD – from indicator selection to biodiversity assessment – in a problem-driven approach.

Click here to download the DEVOTool