DEVOTES releases the panels on the “Importance of advanced marine monitoring”

The DEVOTES Dissemination Team is delighted to announce the release of a series of panels on the “Importance of advanced marine monitoring”, as part of dissemination activities undertaken in the context of the Specific objective 7.2 “Provide effective and efficient dissemination to end-users, managers and society” of WP7


The posters are available for all users at the page “The importance of advanced marine monitoring“.

The panels have been designed so that they can also be used individually or independently of each other. They can be printed and used to prepare an exhibition on marine monitoring activities.

The series, now in English, will be soon available in different languages.

More posters will be produced in the next two years. Stay tuned for learning more about the Innovative Monitoring Tools!




If you are interested in use one or all of them, please contact Marianna Mea ( or Alice Newton (