DEVOTES releases a new version of the Catalogue of Monitoring Networks

A new version of the DEVOTES Catalogue of Monitoring Networks (3rd version) in Europe is now available for download here.

lab activityDEVOTES has produced an in-depth analysis of marine monitoring networks in Europe aiming to assess the status of marine biodiversity monitoring, which has focused on Marine Strategy Framework Directive Descriptors 1 (Biological diversity), 2 (Non-indigenous species), 4 (Food webs) and 6 (Sea-floor integrity). The new version of the catalogue includes over 295 monitoring programmes reported by 16 EU MS and 14 countries that share European Regional Sea boundaries. It has details at the European, regional and subregional sea level of each monitoring activity, as well as the four descriptors, 11 biodiversity components, 22 habitats (18 seabed and 5 water column) and the 37 pressures addressed (both local manageable and widespread unmanageable). Patrício et al. (2014) analysed the gaps in monitoring related to pressures and assessed the fit-for-purpose of the monitoring by Regional Sea using. A brief overview of the main results from the most recent version of the catalogue (June 2014) can be seen here.

The catalogue includes details on key contacts, data sources and timescales for data collection associated with each monitoring activity. This information should enable Member States to optimise their sampling scheme by collating details on the spatial coverage, measured parameters and sampling frequency associated with other monitoring programmes, thus producing an optimal sampling design to complement (rather than duplicate) existing monitoring efforts. This resource can help Member States, through the Regional Sea Conventions, to coordinate their monitoring in terms of timing of their sampling, the parameters/data being collected and the geographical location, resulting in large, coordinated datasets for the (sub)regions of each Regional Sea.

sampling activity-water sampling activity-multicorer

Photo credits: AZTI, CSIC, Ecoreach
The DEVOTES team is gratefully acknowledging the help and metadata information received from the Regulatory Authorities within each Member State and numerous non-DEVOTES experts. A list of non-DEVOTES experts that have contributed for the June version of the DEVOTES Catalogue of Monitoring Networks is available here.

Report cataloguing the monitoring networks used in MS
Joana Patrício (JRC), Heliana Teixeira (JRC), Krysia Mazik (UHULL), Sally Little (UHULL), Mike Elliott (UHULL), Nikolaos Zampoukas (JRC), Tanya Churilova (MHI-NASU), Olga Kryvenko (MHI-NASU), Snejana Moncheva (IO-BAS), Nadia Papadopoulou (HCMR), Oihana Solaun (AZTI), Maria Uyarra (AZTI), Christian Wilson (Ocean DTM), Argyro Zenetos (HCMR). Deliverable 1.3 28 pp + 1 Annex


Catalogue (last update June 2014):