DEVOTES Project @ HOPE Conference

The Healthy Oceans – Productive Ecosystems (HOPE) Conference, on 3-4 March 2014 in Brussels,  was opened by Commissioner Potočnik in the presence of 15 EU environment ministers, and over 400 other attendees, including representatives from Member States, the Regional Sea Conventions, academia, industry, NGOs and other stakeholders.
The conference brought together those working with the European marine environment, providing an opportunity to discuss progress made since the adoption of the MSFD, the problems that still remain and the solutions for improved coherence and better marine governance.

Two of the session keynotes were given by  DEVOTES researchers.
Borja @ HOPE Ángel Borja, the coordinator of DEVOTES gave a talk on “DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status: indicators for a healthy ocean” and introduced the DEVOTool.

Click on the preview for watching the video of the talk given by Á. Borja.

Carstensen-HOPE Jacob Carstensen (leader of WP 6) spoke about “Do we understand the eutrophication problem?
Pdf version of both talks are available in the section Media center > Presentations of this website


At the close of the Healthy Oceans – Productive Ecosystems (HOPE) Conference, the “Declaration of HOPE” document was issued.
More information about the Conference can be found here.