DEVOTES Kicked-off

KOM participantsDEVOTES was inaugurated on November 6th in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), by the whole partnership and the Advisory Board Panel.

The conference started on Tuesday 6 November and finished on the afternoon of Friday 9 November 2012.  A total of 71 experts attended the meeting. The opening day was dedicated to the management and dissemination issues of the project. Besides the plenary session, working group sessions were organized for each workpackage separately.

Click on the talks below to download PDFs of the presentations given at DEVOTES Kick-off meeting.


Tuesday, 6th Nov: Steering Committe & Project outlline

Steering Committee Meeting (restricted)

A. Borja (AZTI) – General project outline and aims of the meeting

C. Alonso (AZTI) – Reporting, administration, financial issues

A. Newton (NILU) – Dissemination

A. Borja (AZTI) – Guidelines, templates, reports, deliverables


Wednesday, 7th Nov: Links with other projects and outline of workpackages

DEVOTES related projects and activities

V. Abaza (Black Sea Commission) – Biodiversity Conservation in the Black Sea region

E. Corcoran (OSPAR) – Biodiversity monitoring coordination activities under OSPAR

N. Papadopoulou (HCMR) – ODEMM Project: Relations to DEVOTES  and MSFD

C. Smith (HCMR) – Meece Project: Relations to DEVOTES  and MSFD

M. Austen (PML) – Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors

E. Cabello (A. Borja) – Science and Technology Advancing Governance and Good Environmental Status

Outline of workpackages (WP1-WP3)

M. Elliot (UHULL) – WP1 Human pressures & Climate change

M. Austen (PML) – WP2 Socio-economic implications GES

A.-S. Heiskanen (SYKE) – WP3 Indicator testing and development


Thursday, 8th Nov: Oultine of workpackages (WP4-WP7)

C. Lynam (CEFAS) & C. Wilson (OceanDTM)- WP4 Innovative modeling tools

R. Danovaro (CoNISMa) – WP5 Innovative monitoring tools for the integrated assessment of the environmental status and multi-layer biodiversity

J. H. Andersen (AU) – WP6 Integrative assessment of biodiversity

M. Mea (Ecoreach) – WP7 Outreach, stakeholder engagement & dissemination


Friday, 9th Nov: Advisory Board meeting & closing session

Advisory board meeting (restricted)

A. Borja (AZTI) – Closing plenary session: Summary presentation.