DEVOTES Catalogue of Indicators & Query Tool for selecting promising indicators

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The DEVOTES Catalogue of indicators and the associated Query tool will be publicly available by February 2014 through our website. The catalogue will contain marine biodiversity related indicators that interested end-users can consider for setting or updating marine environmental assessment and monitoring programs.

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A Catalogue listing available indicators suitable for addressing the MSFD biodiversity related descriptors (D1 Biological diversity, D2 Non-indigenous species, D4 Food-webs and D6 Seafloor integrity) has been compiled in the scope of this project (Work Package 3). Indicators are accompanied by meta-information to evaluate their relevance for MSFD implementation purposes.

The catalogue provides an overview of existing indicators used by different initiatives in Europe in the domain of marine monitoring, both in national and international contexts. It covers indicators developed and/or used under EU Directives, within Regional Seas Conventions (so far OSPAR and HELCOM) and within the MSFD initial assessments of several EU Member States. It also includes indicators used in some non-EU seas and developed under specific research programmes.

The catalogue will become available in digital form with a graphical user interface (DEVOTool software) and end-users will be able to browse, search and filter it. The software will incorporate query functionality allowing screening based on both pre-set and customizable criteria to allow for a flexible choice of promising indicators according to the needs of the end-users, e.g. ‘most promising for testing and validation’ or ‘most promising for immediate use in environmental management’ or ‘indicators requiring further research’. A scoring system is also incorporated to make criteria operational for a subsequent ranking of indicators.