DEVOTES breaks into EuroNews TV


Dr. Maria C. Uyarra interviewed on board of RV Aranda by EuroNews

After three days of filming a marine scientific expedition in the Baltic Sea, the EU funded project DEVOTES (DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding and assessing good Environmental Status of marine waters) breaks into EuroNews. “Futuris”, the award-winning program of EuroNews on European science, research and innovation, selected DEVOTES as means to bring knowledge on the effects of human activities on marine ecosystems and raise general interest about the environmental status of European seas.

The program will go on air starting from today, 25th April.



Here’s the airing schedule of the “Futuris” on EuroNews (changes are possible in case of breaking news and other emergencies):

Central European Time

Monday (25th April): 18:45, 01:45
Tuesday (26th April): 13:15, 18:15, 01:45
Wednesday (27th April): 10:15, 16:45, 02:45
Thursday (28th April): 14:15, 17:15, 01:45
Friday (29th April): 11:45, 15:45
Saturday (30th April): 06:45, 12:15, 17:45, 22:15
Sunday (1st May): 10:45, 14:15, 20:45

Soon after the broadcast, the program will be made available in all the 13 languages that EuroNews supports at the following link: and, few days later, on the EuroNews’ YouTube channels ( and

THANK YOU to all DEVOTES participants for making this Project possible!