DEVOTES at glance

DEVOTES is a Collaborative project funded for 4 years (2012-2016), with a total budget of € 12 million, of which €9 million is from the  7th Framework Programme of the European Union.

The overall goal of DEVOTES is to better understand the relationships between pressures from human activities and climatic influences and their effects on marine ecosystems, including biological diversity, in order to support the ecosystem based management and fully achieve the Good Environmental Status (GES) of marine waters.

It involves 23 partners from 15 EU countries, including two non-EU partners (from Saudi Arabia and Ukraine) and four SMEs, along with two observers (EPA and NOAA) from the US. A panel of independent scientists form the Advisory Board (AB) which will provide strategic guidance and support the partnership to ensure that the project’s results meet the objectives The AB will discuss the plans, progress and use of project results and recommend adjustment of the priorities of the project throughout the DEVOTES cycle.

DEVOTES main objectives are to: i) improve our understanding of the impact of human activities and climate change on marine biodiversity; ii) identify the barriers and bottlenecks that prevent Good Environmental Status from being achieved; iii) test indicators and develop new, innovative ones to assess biodiversity in a harmonized way throughout the 4 regional seas; iv) develop, test and validate innovative integrative modelling and monitoring tools to improve our understanding of ecosystem and biodiversity changes, for integration into a unique and holistic assessment; v) propose and disseminate strategies and measures for ecosystems’ adaptive management, including the active role of industry and relevant stakeholders.

DEVOTES will address three main challenges in determining environmental status: (i) assessment of anthropogenic pressures, including climate change, to which biodiversity responds; (ii) selection of appropriate indicators to assess the status; and (iii) integration of those indicators across a number of ecological scales, into a unique biodiversity assessment.

DEVOTES objectives will be achieved through the activities carried out within seven operational workpackages, besides the management one: Human Pressures and Climate Change (WP1), Social-economic implications for achieving GES (WP2), Indicator testing and development (WP3) Innovative modelling tools (WP4); Innovative monitoring techniques (WP5); Integrative assessment of biodiversity (WP6); Outreach, stakeholder engagement and product dissemination (WP7).

Full project title: DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status.
Grant Agreement number: 308392
FP7 Theme: Environment (Including Climate Change)
Instrument: Collaborative project
Total budget: € 12,050,970.10
EC contribution: € 8,997,984.62
Duration: 1st November 2012 to 31st October 2016
Number of project partners: 23

Coordination and Management

DEVOTES is coordinated by AZTI-Tecnalia, Pasaia (Spain)
Project Coordinator Project Manager
MCU 1_150x150
Dr Angel Borja

Marine Research Division
Pasaia (Spain)
Maria C. Uyarra

Marine Research Division
Pasaia (Spain)
aborja(at) mcuyarra(at)