Deliverables and Milestones

This the list of DEVOTES deliverables and milestones sorted by ascending month of release (from  November 2012 to November 2016). Only public documents are available for download, but all deliverables and milestones are listed as a reference.

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No.NameContentLeaderContactDelivery date
D7-1Website homepage with restricted area for WP8 project administrationAZTIA. Borja2012/11/30
MS9Overview of gaps and criteria for robust and sensitive indicators available Catalogue of Indicators and Table for CatalogueJRCA. Cardoso2013/02/28
MS28Website for partners (intranet-internet) running – website completedAZTIA. Borja2013/04/30
MS10 Most promising indicators for testing and validation identifiedSYKEL. Uusitalo2013/08/31
D1-3Report cataloguing the monitoring networks used in MS  Report, Annex 1 (Instructions), Annex 2 (Catalogue)JRCJ. Patricio2013/10/31
D4-1 Report on available models for biodiversity and needs for development Annex 1 (Instructions), Annex 2 (Catalogue), Annex 3 (Model description), Annex 4 (Regional seas), Annex 5 (Table pressures)JRCA. Cardoso2013/10/31
D5-1Report on the set up of the field and experimental activitiesCONISMAR. Danovaro2013/10/31
MS1Catalogue of monitoring networksUHULLM. Elliott2013/10/31
MS14Indicators and ecosystem change – model runs completedCEFAS C. Lynam2013/10/31
MS20Workshop of WP5, defined all experimental protocolsCONISMAR. Danovaro2013/10/31
MS31DEVOTES e-media tools available on internet platforms and social networksECOREACHM. Mea2013/10/31
D6-4Report on metadata information from pilot areasAnnex 1, Annex 2,
Annex 3.

MS24Metadata from case-studiesAnnex 1, Annex 2 DEUK.C.Bizsel2013/11/30
D1-4Report on SWOT analysis of monitoringReportAnnex 1(Catalogue) Annex 2a (Instructions), Annex 2b (Overview), Annex 2c (Summary), Annex 3 (Ecosystem Overview), Annex 4 (Summary Results)
Shapefiles are available here
JRCJ. Patricio2014/01/31
D3-1Existing biodiversity, non-indigenous species, food-web and seafloor integrity GEnS indicatorsReport, Annex 1 (software .zip for windows, .zip for mac), Annex 2 (Instructions)JRCH. Teixeira2014/01/31
MS2SWOT analysis completeJRCJ. Patricio2014/01/31
MS7Consultation workshop on cost-effectiveness of monitoring donePMLS. Oinone (SYKE)2014/02/28
MS15Habitat suitability models developedCEFASC. Lynam 2014/04/30
D1-1Report detailing conceptual models for pressure/impactsHCMRC. Smith2014/06/30
MS3Conceptual model analysis completeHCMRC. Smith2014/06/30
MS4 DEVOTES recommendations for defining GEnS – a roadmapJRCA. Cardoso2014/06/30
D6-1Report on identification of keystone species and preocesses across regional seas Annex 1 (Instructions, included in D6.1), Annex 2 (Keystones Catalogue)HCMRC. Smith2014/07/31
MS25Identification of keystone speciesHCMRC. Smith2014/07/31
MS11New monitoring methods and indicators from those tested and validatedMARILIMT. Berg2014/08/31
D1-5DEVOTES recommendations for the implementation of the Marine Framework DirectiveJRCJ. Patricio2014/10/31
D5-3Report on the application of non-invasive biosensorsAPN S. Cochrane2014/10/31
MS8 Management measures workshop donePMLT. Luisetti (CEFAS)2014/10/31
MS18 Indices computed for each areaAZTIA. Borja2014/10/31
MS21Workshop of WP5 to present the restuls of the application of innovative monitoring techniques – workshop doneCSICE. Garcés2014/10/31
MS30Exhibition on the importance of advanced marine monitoring ready – panels downloadable from the webReportNILUM. Mea (Ecoreach)2014/10/31
MS5Generic and sea-specific  pressure impact link matricesAnnex I, Annex IIMHI NASUT. Churilova2014/11/30
MS12Indicators provided for modelling of changing pressure responses and testing integrationAnnex I, Annex IIAU J. Andersen2014/12/31
D3-2 Report on the criteria for good indicators selectionAUD. Krause-Jensen2015/01/31
D6-2Report on potential definitions of GESAZTIA. Borja2015/01/31
MS26Integrated definition of GESAZTIA. Borja2015/01/31
D1-2Report on sea-specific matrices of pressure-impact links
S. Barnard and
T. Churilova
D2-2Report on the key barriers of achieving GESUHULLM. Elliott2015/04/30
MS16Pilot area habitats linked to biological data for wider communitiesCEFASC. Lynam 2015/06/30
MS17 Fuzzy analysis completedIMARJ. C. Marques2015/06/30
D4-2Report describing spatial ecosystem modelsCEFASC. Lynam 2015/08/31
D4-3Report on the analysis of reference levels for indicators of biodiversity for selected pilot areasCEFASC. Lynam 2015/10/31
D5-2Report on the application of acoustic devices and visual imaging to assess abundance and diversity
IO-BASS. Moncheva2015/10/31
D5-4Report on the optimization  of protocols and results of the molecular analysis of biodiversityCONISMAR. Danovaro2015/10/31
D7-3Applications for smartphones and tablets of DEVOTES promotional materialECOREACH M. Mea2015/10/31
MS22Optimized protocols for molecular and microarray analysis availableCONISMAR. Danovaro2015/10/31
MS36Smartphone application on market placesECOREACHM. Mea2015/10/31
MS32Training courses for students attendance records of studentsAZTIA. Borja2015/11/30
MS34Regional workshops heldECOREACHM. Mea2015/12/31
D3-3Report on the new indicators and methods for setting reference and target valuesMARILIM T. Berg2016/01/31
D6-3Manual, guidelines and software for biodiversity assessmentMARILIMT. Berg2016/01/31
MS13Proposal of indicator tools for GES descriptors on biodiversity, food-webs and bottom integrity CEFASC. Lynam 2016/01/31
MS27Biodiversity assessment tool softwareAUJ. Andersen2016/01/31
D7-4Report on Regional workshopsNILU A. Newton2016/02/29
MS19User interfaces availableECOREACHM. Mea2016/03/31
D6-5Report on management implications of biodiversity assessment tool

NILU A. Newton2016/04/30
D4-4User interfaces availableDevoMAP and MyGES are hereECOREACHM. Mea2016/04/30
MS6Submission of 6 manuscriptsUHULLM. Elliott2016/04/30
MS33Open access repository on DEVOTES websiteECOREACHM. Mea2016/04/30
MS29Promotional material downloadable from website ECOREACHM. Mea2016/04/30
MS35Distribution of the project movieECOREACHM. Mea2016/06/30
D2-1Report on impacts on net socio-economic benefits of achieving GES and consequences of monitoringPMLM. Austen2016/08/31
D5-5 Report on the validation of the application of remote sensing devices and metagenomic approachesCONISMAR. Danovaro2016/08/31
D7-5Video movie on the outputs of DEVOTES ECOREACHM. Mea2016/08/31
MS23Workshop of WP5 participants, dedicated to presentation of results of the validationAPN S. Cochrane2016/08/31
D7-2DEVOTES E-NewsletterNILU A. Newton2016/10/31
D7-6Manuscript of book on results of DEVOTES projectECOREACHM. Mea2016/10/31