DeFishGear at the centre stage in the Mediterranean Marine Litter Week

Launch of the event

Launch of the Mediterranean Marine Litter week events. Janez Potočnik EC Commissioner for Environment, Ioannis Maniatis Greek Minister of Environment, Prof. Michael Scoullos & Dr. Thomais Vlachogianni from MIO-ECSDE, the host of the Events. Photo: MIO-ECSDE.


Every year, millions of tons of litter end up in the marine environment worldwide, including the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Marine Litter Week 2014, was launched by Janez Potočnik, EC Commissioner for Environment and well-known advocate for curbing marine litter in Europe, together with Ioannis Maniatis, Greek Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.



launch of the conference

Launch of the DeFishGear Conference. From Left: Dr. A. Krzan DeFishGear project coordinator, Ms. D.T. Avgerinopoulou President of the Special Permanent Committee on Environmental Protection of the Hellenic Parliament, Dr. T. Vlachogianni MIO-ECSDE, Dr. A. Tsikliras, Greek Special Secretariat for Water.


The Mediterranean Marine Litter Week included The DeFish Gear Conference, the MARLISCO marine litter exhibition, the DeFishGear experts meeting and a 3-day regional training workshop bringing together more than 500 participants including experts, decision makers, scientists and representatives of civil society and industry from all over the Euro-Mediterranean area as well as from European and International organizations.

The first outputs and coordinated actions of the DeFishGear (Derelict Fishing Gear Management System in the Adriatic MacroRegion) project were showcased in The Mediterranean Conference on Combating Marine Litter. All the conference presentations are available online and a report on the meeting’s discussions and main outcomes will be also be published on the DeFishGear webpage.



DeFishGear is part of an active community of science and society reporting on research achievements, macro- and micro-litter status assessments, training, new methods, clean up missions, fishing for litter schemes, strange litter on the sea bed and seashore, recycling for litter and fishing nets, targeted awareness raising events and sharing articles and photos on and

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  • is carrying out a comprehensive assessment of the status of marine litter in the Adriatic to provide a key strategic input on a regional level
  • will set up of a system to collect and recycle derelict fishing gear and implementation of ’fishing for litter’ activities
  • is raising awareness for fishermen, policy makers and others on the impacts of marine litter and the actions needed to effectively address this issue.
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