Here you can find pdf of all the DEVOTES talks presented in international workshops and meetings.

When What Where Info
4 March 2016 Seminar at JRC IES – Water Unit ISPRA (Italy) Presentation by JRC
23 Febr. 2016 ActionMed Biodiversity Athens (Greece) Presentation by AZTI
18 Febr. 2016 Spanish Ministry of Environment – Presentation of NEAT Madrid (Spain) Presentation by AZTI
18 Febr. 2016 Spanish Ministry of Environment – Presentation of DEVOTES Madrid (Spain) Presentation by AZTI
16-17 Febr. 2016 First meeting of the HELCOM Intersessional Expert Network on Benthic Habitat Monitoring Tallinn (Estonia) Meeting outcome and presentation by SYKE
8 Febr. 2016 ICES WG Biodiversity Pasaia (Spain) Presentation by AZTI
15-16 Dec. 2015 Science-Policy Interface Inception Workshop Sophia-Antipolis (France) Presentation by AZTI
9 Dec. 2015 EMODnet-MSFD coordination meeting Brussels (Belgium) Presentation by AZTI
7-9 Dec. 2015 PERSEUS final meeting Brussels (Belgium) Presentation by AZTI
19 Nov. 2015 Aqua Indicator Day Stockholm (Sweden) Presentation by SYKE
11 Nov. 2015 3rd Ocean of Tomorrow Conference Brussels (Belgium) Presentation by AZTI
20-22 Oct. 2015 17th Global Meeting of the Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans Istanbul (Turkey) Presentation by AZTI
16th Oct. 2015 European Environment Agency Copenhagen (Denmark) Presentation by AZTI
21-15 Sept. 2015 ICES Annual Science Conference Copenhagen (Denmark) Website
Presentation by JRC
6-9 Sept. 2015 ECSA 55: Unbounded boundaries and shifting baselines. Estuaries and coastal seas in a rapidly changing world London (UK)  Website
Presentation by JRC
13-17 May 2015 11th Panhellenic Symposium on Oceanography and Fisheries Mytilene (Greece)  Website
Presentation by JRC
23-27 March 2015 Third International Symposium – Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans Santos City (Brazil) Website
Presentations by CEFAS: S10S12
22-25 March 2015 Coastal Ecosystem Services and the Land-Sea Interface International Workshop Kiel (Germany) Presentation by AZTI
 9 February 2015 ICES, WG Biodiversity Copenhagen (Denmark)  Presentation by AZTI
17-20 Nov. 2014 ICES WRISCO: Workshop on Regional Seas Commissions and Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Scoping Copenhagen (Denmark) Presentation by AZTI
22-23 Oct. 2014 Ecostat London (United Kingdom) Presentation by AU and AU CSIC
7-9 Oct. 2014 EurOcean 2014, Connecting Science, Policy and People Rome (Italy) Website
Presentation by CoNISMa and AU
15-19 Sept. 2014 2014 ICES Annual Science Conference (ASC) A Coruña (Spain) Website Presentation by AZTI
23-27 June 2014 IMBER Open Science Conference Bergen (Norway) Webpage
Special session by AZTI and NILU
11-13 June 2014 XIVth International Symposium on Oceanography of the Bay of Biscay (ISOBAY 14)  Bordeaux (France) Poster by CNRS
3-4 June 2014 Meeresumwelt-Symposium Hamburg (Germany) Presentation by MariLim
7-8 May 2014 Towards indicator based, cost effective and policy compliant monitoring and assessment of the marine biodiversity in the Baltic Sea (TotalBio) Tallinn (Estonia) Programme
Presentation (by A. Borja, S. Oinonen)
27 Apr.-2 May 2014 EGU General Assembly Vienna (Austria) Webpage
Special session by AZTI and NILU
31 Mar.-2 Apr. 2014 16th Workshop of the Genomic Standards Consortium Oxford (UK) Webpage
Presentation by AZTI
25-26 March 2014 Intersessional Correspondence Group on Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment, IGM-COBAM Brussels (Belgium)  Presentation by A. Borja
4-6 March 2014 Workshop Seagrasses in Europe: Threats, Responses and Management Hotel Real Marina, Olhão (Portugal)  Webpage
3-4 March 2014 Healthy Oceans – Productive Ecosystems (HOPE): A European conference for the marine environment Brussels (Belgium) Webpage
Presentation (pdf, video) by A. Borja
Presentation by J. Cartensen
12 Feb. 2014 DEVOTES-STAGES Joint Stakeholder ConsultationWorkshop Brussels (Belgium) Presentation on WP1
Presentation on WP3 (by JRC)
12-24 Jan. 2014 Workshop on Genomics Český Krumlov (Czech Republic) Webpage
10-13 Dec. 2013 IndiSeas Meeting Unesco, Paris (France) Presentation (CNRS)
20-22 Nov. 2013 Non-indigenous species in the North-East Atlantic Conference Ostend (Belgium) Webpage
3-7 Nov. 2013 Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation conference San Diego, CA (USA) Webpage
Special session by AZTI
Presentation (AZTI)
28-31 Oct. 2013 ISEM 2013 Ecological Modelling for Ecosystem Sustainability in the context of Global Change Météo France in Toulouse (France) Webpage
9-10 Oct. 2013 Healthy Biologically Diverse Seas Evidence Group (HBDSEG) Scottish Executive, Leith, Edinburgh (UK) Presentation (CEFAS)
8-9 Oct. 2013 Modélisation de scénarios d’évolution de la Biodiversité Ichtyologique Sud Méditerranéenne face au changement global et conséquences TROphiques (BISTROMED) Tunis (Tunisia) Presentation (BOREA)
1 Oct. 2013 Master course: “Sciences des Environnements Continentaux et Côtiers” Luc-sur-mer Marine Station (France) Presentation (BOREA)
23-27 Sep. 2013 ICES ANNUAL SCIENCE CONFERENCE 2013 Harpa Conference Centre – Reykjavik (Iceland) Webpage
17-20 Sep. 2013 MARES2020 International Conference “Marine Research Horizon 2020” Hotel Admiral, Golden sands Resort (Bulgaria) Webpage
16-18 Sep. 2013 Annual Meeting of the Italian Society of Ecology Ancona (Italy) Webpage
10-12 Sep. 2013 UK-IMON International Workshop on New Monitoring Technologies: A Workshop to Prioritise Future Investment National Oceanographic Center Southampton – Southampton (UK) Webpage
19-23 Aug. 2013 48th European Marine Biology Symposium (EMBS) Galway (Ireland) Talk by AZTI (Video)
18-23 Aug. 2013 11th INTECOL Congress, Ecology: Into the next 100 years ExCel, London, (UK) Webpage
15-17 Jul. 2013 XXXII UPV/EHU Summer School University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian (Spain) Webpage
28 June 2013 MG4U Workshop: Unlocking the Potential of Genomics for Marine Monitoring and Biodiversity Mapping: from Concept to Realisation Dublin (Ireland)
Presentation (AZTI)
6-17 May 2013 Post graduation course “Environmental Quality Assessment and Management” Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the University of Coimbra (Portugal) Webpage
29 Apr.- 3 May 2013 Post-graduate module “Eutrophication assessment and Good Environmental Status” University of Algarvae (Portugal)
25-27 Apr. 2013 Genomics Observatories Network Workshop Smithsonian – Washington DC (USA) Webpage Presentation (AZTI)
3-5 Apr. 2013 Good Environmental Status (GES) indicators for pelagic ecosystems Charlottenlund – Copenhagen (Denmark) Webpage
Presentation (SYKE)
1-5 Apr. 2013 Post-graduate module “Eutrophication and Marine Biodiversity” University of Algarvae (Portugal) Webpage
25-29 Mar. 2013 Structural ecological modeling (SEM) for Ecology Institute for Interdisciplinary Research of the University of Coimbra (Portugal) Webpage
6-8 Feb. 2013 IV Congreso Biodiversidad Bilbao (Spain) Webpage
Presentation (AZTI)
23-24 Jan. 2013 Coastal Futures 2013 – Review and Future Trends Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London Webpage
3-7 Dec. 2012 UNESCO IndiSeas Indicators for the Seas: Third meeting Paris (France) Webpage
Presentation (Cefas)