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Test of NEAT within the OSPAR EcApRHA project  


Torsten Berg
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12/10/2017 3:53 pm  

OSPAR has released a deliverable (WP 3.5) within the EcApRHA project that explores the use of NEAT with food web indicators. It is published on the OPSAR EcApRHA reports page:

Report on the integration of OSPAR Food Webs Indicators into the NEAT tool

They valued NEAT as presently one of the best statistical tools available for integrating multiple indicators. Nonetheless, gaps where identified with respect to the tool:

  1. develop more flexibility in the number of status classes that can be used
  2. no weight can be applied to individual indicators
  3. make available the uncertainty data of the assessment
  4. develop representing the results as geographical maps
  5. implement other types of indicators apart from monotonously increasing/decreasing ones

Going briefly through this valuable input:

  1. This is on the ToDo list. It should be possible to choose for each assessment, how many status classes to use. However, having a mixed number of classes within one single assessment will not arrive soon, since this will need to define a mapping of the various classes onto each other. This can also be done, but requires a very good design in the software in order to be useful.
  2. The choice that only SAUs, habitats and ecosystem components can be weighted, but not indicators, has been made by design. We wanted to put the focus of the assessment onto the real ecosystem properties and not on deliberately chosen indicators. This is unlikely to change since the whole goal with NEAT was exactly to not let single indicators rule the assessment, but rather give weight to individual real entities such as SAUs and habitats. (A workaround could be to just define a special/artificial SAU for such indicators and only use those indicators inside this SAU. Then the corresponding SAU can be weighted accordingly … but this is by no means recommended!)
  3. This is now a feature in the current version 1.3
  4. This one is on the ToDo list and a much requested feature … for good reason!
  5. Version 1.3 of NEAT already added a new type of indicators: bell-shaped indicators, i.e. ones having an optimum value as the reference and two tails with higher and lower values and corresponding individual status classes on each side. The next versions will continuously add more types!

So, stay prepared for the next version including new and requested features.




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