French article about DEVOTES ARMS on Wolu Corail

ARMS and ASUs deployment and sampling activities of DEVOTES in Marseille has been included in the 88th issue of Wolu Corail, the journal of the Royal Wolu Diving Club. You can see a preview of the article here below.   All the information about the activities conducted by IMBE are available here Deployment of ARMS at l’île […]

NOAA’s ARMS website released

DEVOTES, as part of the ARMS Multi-Institutional Project, is pleased to announce the release of the NOAA’s ARMS Webpage ARMS (Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures) were created to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, abundance, and community structure of the cryptofauna community (the most diverse community of organisms on a coral reef) on a global scale. Direct link: More information about […]


ARMS and ASUs by A. Borja Within DEVOTES, two innovative biodiversity monitoring devices (ARMS: Autonomous Reef Monitoring System, and ASU: Artificial Substrate Unit) for hard-bottom substratum have been deployed in locations across different regional seas (Baltic, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black Sea and Red Sea: for details, see DEVOTES Newsletter 2, November 2013). At each location, 9 […]

DEVOTES: implementing innovative biodiversity assessment methodologies

Autonomous monitoring structures for hard substratum by AZTI Tecnalia – Maria C. Uyarra, J. Germán Rodriguez & Ángel Borja > What are the ARMS and ASUs and what are they used for? The ARMS (Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structure) are sampling devices designed to assess microbial, algae and invertebrate biodiversity. ARMS mimic the complexity of rocky […]

Biodiversity samplers and scuba divers curiosity

The difficult life of ARMS and ASU in the Adriatic Sea by CoNISMa Team Work package 5 is aimed at the development and testing of innovative tools for biodiversity monitoring, also by using new instrumental and methodological approaches. One of the most innovative methodologies for investigating the biodiversity of macroinvertebrates is the metagenomic analysis. Both […]

ARMS boxes deployment in the North-western Mediterranean

by Jean-Pierre FERAL (IMBE-CNR) The IMBE (Institut Mediterranéen de Biodiversité et d’Ecologie marine et continentale) has deployed ARMS boxes and ASUs at 3 sites in the vicinity of Marseille. Divers of the IMBE (S. Chenesseau, R. David, J-P Féral, C. Marschal,) and of the Institut Pythéas ( L. Van Bostal, F. Zuberer) were involved as well as the […]

ARMS and ASUs installation

The deployment of ARMS and ASUs, for metagenomic studies in DEVOTES, is progressing in different locations: Basque Country, Marseille and Baltic Sea. Have a look at videos and pictures of the installation!