November 2014

European Seas Keystone Species Catalogue

The DEVOTES Task 6.1.3. team have released their Keystones Catalogue with accompanying Report

Keystone-speciesThe Catalogue is a database with 844 entries concerning 210 distinct species and 19 groups classified by major habitats in the Baltic Sea, North East Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black Sea (EU Regional Seas) and Norwegian Sea (Non-EU Sea). Information is detailed on their type, importance, size/abundance/distribution, habitat and region, with 164 cited references relating to the species. The keystones in the catalogue are sourced from models, by use as indicators, by published work (e.g. on traits and interactions with other species), and by expert opinion based on understanding of systems and roles of species/groups.

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October 2014

New version of the Catalogue of Monitoring Networks

lab-activity-1024x681The new version of the catalogue includes over 295 monitoring programmes reported by 16 EU MS and 14 countries that share European Regional Sea boundaries. It has details at the European, regional and subregional sea level of each monitoring activity, as well as the four descriptors, 11 biodiversity components, 22 habitats (18 seabed and 5 water column) and the 37 pressures addressed (both local manageable and widespread unmanageable).

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November 2013

DEVOTES Catalogue of Indicators & Query Tool for selecting promising indicators

Box 1A Catalogue listing available indicators suitable for addressing the MSFD biodiversity related descriptors (D1 Biological diversity, D2 Non-indigenous species, D4 Food-webs and D6 Seafloor integrity) has been compiled in the scope of this project (Work Package 3). Indicators are accompanied by meta-information to evaluate their relevance for MSFD implementation purposes.

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