Aarhus University – Department of Bioscience

AU_logo AU (www.au.dk) is the second largest university in Denmark, founded in 1928 and ranks in the top 100 among all universities in the world. The Department of Bioscience under the faculty of Science and Technology has about 500 staff members, with approximately 100 scientists working on marine issues.

Topics covered include biodiversity, ecophysiology and evolution, scientifIc support for implementation of EU directives, marine spatial planning, effects of climate change, physical and biological oceanography, ecosystem modelling, and marine ecosystem management. Dept. of Bioscience has coordinated and actively participated in numerous EU research projects. AU is playing a central role in the implementation of the WFD, in various MSFD groups and expert groups under OSPAR and HELCOM, particularly in relation to the Baltic Sea Action Plan.

Keywords Biodiversity, Marine ecosystem management, Ecophysiology and evolution
Address Aarhus Universitet – Nordre Ringgade 1 8000 Aarhus C Denmark