Argyro Zenetos

When did you first find out that you wanted to be scientist? At high school.
Tell us something about your background and main research interests I started as a natural scientist (Athens University) and continued my MSc in St Andrews in computational paleoecology and my PhD in Athens (molluscs). Systematics, Benthic ecology and Impact Assessment studies kept me into active research until 2005. Presently, working on alien marine species, databases, overviews and indicators. Chief Editor in the journal Mediterranean Marine Science.
What do you like most about your work? Travelling and meeting people across Europe. Participating actively in decision making. Publishing my work and being updated on recent findings.
What is your role in DEVOTES project? Compilation of monitoring projects (past and on-going) related to biodiversity descriptors (D1, D2, D4, D6) in Greece. Overview of monitoring projects including Gaps, strengths and weaknesses in the Mediterranean Regional Sea based on the DEVOTES catalogue of monitoring projects (in collaboration with other DEVOTES participants).
How do you think your work in DEVOTES will contribute to the implementation of the EU marine strategy framework directive? By listing the weakness of the ongoing programmes, it becomes evident where the gaps are and where synergies are needed.
What´s the relevance for your institute and country to participate in DEVOTES? HCMR scientists have a long experience on biodiversity (D1), alien species (D2) and benthic indicators (D4). In particular HCMR is leading the work on alien species acting as consultant to UNEP/MAP, UNEP/RAC/SPA and EASIN. Moreover, a GEnS index (BENTIX), widely used in the Mediterranean has been developed by HCMR experts.
What´s your recommended reading list for someone wanting to know more about marine environment and DEVOTES topic? Visit the DEVOTES website.
Read the Indicator and SWOT analysis deliverables 1.4. & 3.1.
Contact participants and interact with them (for providing info that may have been inaccessible/unknown to the DEVOTES participants).
Participate actively in the development/testing of indicators by bringing his/her dataset to be tested.
Participate in summer schools.