DEVOTES Applications


This app is dedicated to researchers, technicians, stakeholders and policy makers directly involved in marine ecological monitoring programs, the MSFD and its implementation. 

With this app, the user can select a specific site and get information about it using the maps: such as what available data (form physical properties of ecosystems to communities) are there, how many and which type of habitats, lists of indicators and links to relevant publications and reports. The app also allows the user to overlay different maps to gain data and information. For each of the areas covered by the maps, the app can link to related web pages of the Regional Sea Conventions and the European Union (EU). Moreover, the app reports contact information for the relevant data managers (owners or those responsible for the data), to encourage further and future scientific collaboration. 

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Make Your Assessment of Good Environmental Status (MY-GES)

This app has the main aim of increasing awareness about GEnS, environmental EU policies, environmental assessment and related scientific knowledge. The app allow the user to answer the following questions:

  1. what does the science know about the environment I am observing?
  2. what do I currently observe in this environment?
  3. how could I assess the environmental status today?

First of all, the user can select a specific site and then he/she can follow a structured path to make a simple assessment of the environmental status of the site. A series of questions, elaborated according to the data/maps available for each site, will lead to the assessment. The answer will correspond to “what science knows about each site”, i.e., with the maps elaborated in DEVOTES. In addition, the user can overlay the maps obtaining simultaneous results of different variables, get additional general information on each site and on which research institute has produced the maps.

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DEVOTES: promoting the project outputs

In this app we collected the promotional material produced during the project. Moreover, the app gives a rapid access to the scientific publications and the DEVOTES ebook.

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soon available