Akvaplan-niva, FRAM – High North Centre for Climate and the Environment (Fram Centre)

akvaplan.niva APN (www.akvaplan.niva.no/en/) is an SME, founded in 1984 which currently has around 60 permanent members of staff, and a number of temporary employees and research associates/ students. The company has a strong environmental consultancy base, with major clients including petroleum and aquaculture companies as well as local and national governance agencies.

APN also has an increasingly strong research profile, and works within the international ARCTOS network  (http://www.arctosresearch.net/). Research areas range from ecotoxicology, contaminants in Arctic systems to a wide range of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning issues. APN has a long-standing commitment with stakeholders and end-users, through a ‘research to tools’ approach.

Keywords Ecotxicology, Biodiversity
Address Hjalmar Johansensgt. 14, 9007, Tromsø, Norway