AB – Simon Greenstreet

Simon Greenstreet
Email contact: Simon.Greenstreet(at)scotland.gsi.gov.uk  

Present position: Marine Strategy Framework Directive science advisor

Affiliation:  Marine Scotland – Science, Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB, U.K.


Short CV: Dr Simon Greenstreet has a BA (hons) in Biology from the University of York and a PhD in estuarine wading bird ecology from the University of Aberdeen. He has 29 years post-doctoral experience in marine ecological research specialising in theoretical community ecology and marine predator-prey relationships. His main interests are investigating the impact of fishing on marine ecosystems and understanding the mechanisms by which fishing alters marine ecological processes. He has published widely on the long-term changes in the demersal fish community caused by changes in levels of fishing activity and on the effects of industrial fishing on fish, seal and seabird predator-prey interactions. Recently he has been instrumental in developing Ecological Quality Objectives for the North Sea fish community and in determining indicators and targets to support implementation of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive in respect of D1 Biodiversity and D4 Food webs, again with particular focus on fish communities. He chairs the UK technical expert group on Fish and Cephalopod MSFD indicators and targets for the Healthy and Biologically Diverse Sea Evidence Group, one of the UK Marine Assessment and Reporting Groups evidence groups supporting UK implementation of the MSGD. S.G. is a member of the equivalent OSPAR technical expert group for fishcommunities, the Intersessional Correspondence Group for Biological Assessment and Monitoring, and is responsible for the development of two OSPAR common indicators to support implementation of the MSFD in respect of Descriptor 1, maintaining biodiversity with regard to fish comunities in European waters.

Involvement in other projects/programs:
S.G. is an active member of several ICES working groups and currently chairs the working group on Biodiversity Science.