2014 Devotes Meeting

DEVOTES Annual Meeting 2014, Ancona (Italy), 2-5 December

Group picture

Group picture of participants at the meeting

Two years after the DEVOTES project kick-off,  the 2nd Annual Meeting  was hosted by the partner CoNISMA (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze del Mare) in Ancona (Italy) from 2 to 5 December. 75 participants from 23 research institutes, academia and SME from 16 different countries met to analyse the progress of DEVOTES and plan the next year’s activities and goals. Two members of the Advisory Board as well as a European Commission representative and several stakeholders have also attended the meeting, giving positive feedback on the work done by the Consortium so far and actively contributing to the discussion with a wide perspective.

The most important results of each Work Package were presented during the opening talk given by the Coordinator, À. Borja (AZTI, Spain):

– the release of the Catalogue of Marine Monitoring Networks, an in-depth analysis of marine monitoring networks in Europe aiming to assess the status of marine biodiversity monitoring,

– the publication of the first report providing recommendations for the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), and

– the release of the DEVOTool, a software tool to select indicators for the MSFD which allows navigating a catalogue of existing indicators of marine biodiversity, within all European Regional Seas

– the prototype of the DEVOTES tool to assess biodiversity status in European seas.

The meeting was divided into plenary talks, cross cutting sessions and internal meetings focused on specific task and publications. The ad-hoc meetings were excellent opportunities for a fruitful interaction among partners, resulting in the planning of many joint publications and the identification of 4 Regional Sea Workshop to be held between 2015 and 2016.

 Meeting minutes and presentations will be soon available in the Partners’ area.



1st December, Monday
17.00-19.30 SC Meeting
2nd December, Tuesday
8.00-8.45 AB and SC Meeting
8.30-8.45 Registration
8.45-11.00 Plenary session: Overview of DEVOTES progress and achievements, Management and Dissemination
 11.00-11.30 Coffee break 
11.30-12.30 Plenary session: All WPs
12.30-13.30 Parallel sessions: WP1 and WP6
13.30-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.30 Plenary session: All WPs
 16.30-17.00 Coffee break 
17.00-18.00 Parallel sessions: WP2 and WP3
18.00-19.00 Parallel sessions: WP4 and WP5
20.30-23.00 Welcome buffet at NH Hotel
3rd December, Wednesday
 8.30-9.30 Plenary session: Invited speaker presentation: M. Austen “VECTORS”
 9.30-11.00 Plenary session: Cross-cutting session of several WPs
 11.00-11.30 Coffee break 
 11.30-13.00 Plenary session: Cross-cutting session of several WPs
13.00-14.00 Lunch
 14.00-16.00 Plenary session: Cross-cutting session of several WPs
16.00-17.00 Parallel sessions: Ad-hoc meetings for WP/tasks/papers/topics
17.00-17.30 Coffee break
17.30-18.30 Parallel sessions: Ad-hoc meetings for WP/tasks/papers/topics
 4th December, Thursday
 8.30-9.30 Plenary session: Invited speaker presentation: G. Notarbartolo di Sciara “Marine mammals in the MSFD”
9.30-11.00 Plenary session: All WPs presentations
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-13.00 Parallel sessions: Ad-hoc meetings for WP/tasks/papers/topics
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-16.00 Plenary session: Cross-cutting session of several WPs
16.00-16.30 Coffee break
16.30-17.00 Plenary session: Best presentation/paper of the year
17.00-18.30 AB and SC Meeting
17.00-18.30 Parallel sessions: Additional ad-hoc meetings
 5th December, Friday
 8.30-9.30 Plenary session: Invited speaker presentation: F. Boero “The COCONET project”
9.30-10.30 Plenary session: Reporting of WP leaders to the General Assembly
10.30-11.00 Plenary session: Reporting of the Coordinator: general overview and coming challenges
11.00-12.00 SC Meeting