1st November 2014: DEVOTES 2 year anniversary


Happy DEVOTES 2nd Birthday!

I am excited about the time that we have been working together and all the important results that have achieved during this first two years.

We proposed an operational definition of Good Environmental Status, and we produced a catalogue of the EU monitoring networks for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. We achieved important progress related to molecular approaches in biodiversity monitoring, for different biodiversity components, and we have been developing a software tool to assess the status of biodiversity.

We have developed strong links among the partners involved in DEVOTES, achieving successful scientific results and working together to find solutions to all the challenges that we are facing.

In just two years, we have published 30 scientific papers and we all worked to make them open access and available to the general public. We presented with great success our project at more than 150 international workshops, conferences and meetings. DEVOTES is being promoted through different dissemination channels, a strong social media presence (don’t forget to join on LinkedIn!), and a continuous update of our website.

I would like to thank all the 200 DEVOTES scientists for their hard work, and the members of the Advisory Board for their valuable support.

With my best wishes,
Dr. Ángel Borja

Project Coordinator