15th to 17th July 2014 – Second DEVOTES Summer School in San Sebastian (Spain)


From Species to Ecosystems: Modelling Marine Ecology for Management Applications

This Second DEVOTES Summer School will explore the potential and recent advances in the use of marine modelling (some of them developed in DEVOTES), at different scales (from species to ecosystems), in management applications, including scenarios of climate change.

The main objective of the school is to give an overview on the marine modelling to ocean and coastal management, with a closer view to the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), especially in descriptors such as: biodiversity, fishing, food-webs and seafloor integrity.

This summer school will provide participants with an overview on current knowledge and cutting-edge research in marine science, with a special focus on  management of our oceans.

Venue: Aquarium of San Sebastián (Spain)

Date: 15th to 17th July 2014

Registration fees:
Early registration (until 30th May) 80 €
Early student registration (until 30th May) 65 €
Late registration (until 14th July) 100 €
Late student registration (until 14th July) 90 €


Programme overview available here

Registration dates: from 12th February until 14th July.

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