DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status

DEVOTES Project (2012-2016) aims at improving understanding of human activities impacts (cumulative, synergistic, antagonistic) and variations due to climate change on marine biodiversity, using long-term series (pelagic and benthic).

A major aim of DEVOTES is to test the indicators proposed by the EC, and develop new ones for assessment at species, habitats and ecosystems level, for the status classification of marine waters, integrating the indicators into a unified assessment of the biodiversity and the cost-effective implementation of the indicators (i.e. by defining monitoring and assessment strategies). Read more…

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    NEAT Webinars

    DEVOTES is organizing webinars to present one of the most challenging products of the project: the software NEAT (Nested Environmental …
  • DEVOTES breaks into EuroNews TV

    DEVOTES breaks into EuroNews TV

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    Earth Day – 22 April 2016

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DEVOTES breaks into EuroNews TV!